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Fresh, Clean, Herb

Our passion for responsible farming and stewardship of the land results in fresh, clean herb of the highest quality.  

Our Farm

Between the Mattole River and Eel River, nestled amongst majestic Madrone, Oak, and Fir stands our Humboldt County family farm. Established in 2003, the terroir of our sun-grown estate farm produces world-class cannabis using organic and regenerative practices without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Situated on 30,000 sq ft of pristine Southern Humbolt terrain, we culture nutrients in-house from local organic material, allowing a true expression of this wonderful area to shine through in our flower and in our products.

Emerald Organics tall trees
Terroir  •  (ter-whar)  •  noun
Conditions for growth which result in certain, specific characteristics
Emerald Organics proprietors

With decades of combined experience, our knowledge and passion for crafting only the cleanest, purest cannabis through sustainable methods is what sets Emerald Organics apart from the rest.

We cultivate the highest quality flower sought after by the cannabis connoisseur.

Our Products

Quality cannabis, grown the way nature intended.

Emerald Organics Flower

Fresh, Clean, Herb

No chemical fertilizers or funky stuff, just fresh, clean, herb.

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As cool, wet air rises out of the Pacific Ocean and into the hills of Southern Humboldt, California, intermingling with warm, dry, inland air, the ideal conditions for cannabis cultivation are created.

This unique climactic setting combined with rich, substantial soil is why this special Northern California microclimate is recognized as a world-class destination for growing superb cannabis.

Knowledge of this special climate, decades of experience, and our dedication to organic, sustainable practices result in fresh, clean, herb of the highest caliber.

Emerald Organics Farm

Our Resort

Enjoy a unique vacation experience at Emerald Camp & Resort.  Our geodesic domes, nestled in the trees, are sure to elevate your mind and body to new levels of serenity.

We offer a host of first-class amenities with your stay including gourmet meals & drinks, cannabis lounge, yoga & meditations, group activities, luggage & transportation services, outdoor pool & hot tubs, and more!

Emerald Organics Farms Geodesic Dome
Emerald Organics Farms Geodesic Dome
Emerald Organics Farms Geodesic Dome

Come stay with us and experience the beauty of Southern Humbolt at Emerald Camp & Resort… for an unforgettable cannabis experience.

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